Bigbury-on-sea Burgh Island from Bantham

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If you have a plan to enjoy holiday in Britain, definitely you need to choose the recommended one which will make you get disapointed as well. Recently, one of popular and inviting tourist destination in Britain is called Bigbury-on-Sea. Well, what is the place? How is the condition? And what makes the place so gorgeous and enchanting to visit on vacation?

Where is the Bigbury-on-Sea located?

Bigbury is a small village in South Hams district on the south coast of Devon, Britain. Need to know that this place is the part of civil parish of Bigbury in which it is centered on a small village named Bigbury-on-Sea. The Bigbury-on-Sea is on the coast above the largest sandy beach in South Devon facing south to Bigbury Bay.

Which make Bigbury-on-Sea so popular is for the largest sandy beach in which it can be used for wave and wind based on water sports. Formerly, the Bigburry-on-Sea is used for a few fishermen’s cottages with fish cellars. Previously, the condition of the Bigbury-on-Sea is so far from the word of tourist village or tourist destination as well. As the time goes by, this village has grown up so fast in the form of holiday-making and now it has lots of inviting cafes to enjoy some meals.

How to Get Bigbury-on-Sea from Bantham?

If you are on vacation, absolutely you will be directed to reach the place as you want to visit. So as the Bigbury-on-Sea, there are some ways to reach this place. Unfortunately, for new tourist who never visits this place, it can be confused at all. So, the guide which informs how to get there can be a crucial thing as well.

  • Walk on Sand from Bantham

The first way that you can do when visiting Bigbury-on-Sea is to walk. Indeed, to reach Bigbury-on-Sea, you are able to walk on the sand from Bantham to Bigbury-on-Sea along the land beach to the Burgh Island. Definitely, you have to be careful when you have a plan to choose this way at all. It is because the sea water will tide at any time, even the distance from Bantham to Bigbury-on-Sea is not close range.

  • Take Any Transport

Besides you can walk along the beach to reach Bigbury-on-Sea from Bantham, you can also take some vehicles to visit this place. If you are at Banthnam, you are able to choose transportations such as car, motorbike, scooter even mini bus. If you take transportation from Banthnam, the time will be estimated for about 26 minutes. Furthermore, you can pass Churchstow, Bigbury, Challaborough, until Bigbury-on-Sea, after that reach Burgh Island.

However, both of the ways to reach Bigbury-on-Sea can be the simple and handy ways. So, what is your favorite way to reach Bigbury-on-Sea? If you want something different, definitely why not, you prefer to walk on sand along the beach from Banthnam.

Well, having a plan to visit Bigbury-on-Sea in this year for your vacation is totally not wrong. Absolutely, you can feel something new and unforgettable moment when visiting this place at all. So, it is the best time for you to visit.

Good Luck and Happy Holiday, dude!

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