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Did you just moved to Brevard County? You may have a plan to move to this county and you need a plan to buy a property there. But, you do not know what to do? If so, you are able to be helped by Brevard County Property Appraiser.

All real estate and tangible property in Florida is valued by the Property appraiser annually for assessment goals. on January 1 is the legal assessment date and valuations will be based on conditions as of that date. In November, tax bills are mailed of each year. Even though the market as well as other conditions for any given property may have changed between January 1 and November, the valuation on which the tax rate is applied will be based on conditions as of January 1, approximately eleven months prior to when tax bills are mailed.

You need to know that each parcel of property in Brevard County is inspected by one of their appraisers in accordance with Florida law and it happens at least once every five years. Some inspections are done remotely with aerial imagery, street-level photography and other off-site research and some are done on site. The type of inspection will depend on the complexity of the property, the quality of available imagery, the accessibility of the property, tree cover, and other factors.

Their goal is to be as unintrusive as possible while still complying with the law in generating an accurate and equitable assessment roll. If they want to determine the property value, the property appraiser will have to consider factors as what other properties are selling for, what would be the cost to replace the property today, how much it will take to operate the property and to keep it in repair, what rental income the property may get, and a lot of other applicable factors that can affect its value.

By using these facts, the property appraiser has three main methods available for consideration in determining the value of your property, that is; through the approach of sales comparison, the approach of cost and the approach of income. As a result of the large number of properties involved in a wide variety of categories, the property appraiser has to employ applicable features of each method and also apply uniform rates to the same types of properties in a process known as mass appraisal.

You may be curious how appraised value change from year to year. The tax of property is “ad valorem”. What does it mean? It means that it is “based upon value”. When the market value of a property changes, so its appraised value also will change. The market value of your property can change as a result of the economy in general. Well, you are able to get more information about property in the official website of Brevard County Property Appraiser that can be accessed at In that site, you are able to get a lot of information about property in Brevard County.

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