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Butchart Gardens Canada Bloementuinen is known as a group of floral display gardens. This one is lcoated in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada, near Victoria on Vancouver Island. The places receive more than a million visitors every year. All of them have been designated the National Historic Site of Canada.

There are some collections of Butchart Gardens Canada Bloementuinen owned by the owners named Mr. and Mrs. Butchart. While Mrs. Butchart gathered plants, Mr. Butchart collected the ornamental birds from all around the world, having a parrot in the house, peacocks on the front lawn, and ducks in the Star Pond. The man built several elaborate birdhouses for the gardens and trained pigeons on the site of the present day Begonia Bower.

Aside from the birds, there are also several bronze statues displayed in the Butchart Gardens Canada Bloementuinen. One of them, a wild roar, was purchased on the Mediterranean trip in 1973. this one was casted by Ferdinando Marinelli Artistic Foundry, the name of the replica of the 1620 bronze cast by Pietro Tacca. The statue is called Tacca in the honor of the sculptor and just as the original’s. The second one, which is located nearby in front of the residence, of the donkey and foal is by Sirio Tofanari. This one is the fountain statue of three sturgeon and is installed near the Japanese garden. The third one, Circle of Doves, which Ann Lee Ross gave her husband Ian in 1992 to commemorate their 50th wedding anniversary, was installed in front of the begonia bower. In 2008, Butchart Gardens Canada Bloementuinen introduced the Jennie B, the name of the electrically driven 12 passenger boat, which plies the local coastlines in the summer giving visitors the appreciation of the waterside history and coastal aquatic plants and animals. On December 2009, two places named the Children’s Pavilion and Rose Carousel were opened to the public. The Rose Carousel which was crafted by Brass Ring Entertainment of Sun Valley, California, is the only one on Vancouver Island. All the things include 30 animals ranging from bears, to horses, to ostriches, to zebras, to cats, and mirrors the world from which the Butchart Gardens Canada Bloementuinen draws its visitors. The designs of this play were designed by Robin Clarke, the owner of the garden and the great granddaughter of Jennie Butchart.

In the early days, there were weekly symphony concerts hosted by Mr and Mrs. Butchart. Those events were often held for guests of the family, but later attracted the bigger audience. Nowaday, in the Summer Season and during the Winter Holiday, the host provide the wide range of local entertainment, from jazz to classical music. There is a band made up of staff members from Butchart Gardens Canada Bloementuinen named The Weeds that sometimes plays during the Summer Season. In 1977, the son of Ian Ross introduced firework shows accompanied by show tunes on the summer Saturday evenings. During the Winters, all the lights and seasonal decorations decorate these beautiful places along with the ice skating rink in the Waterwheel Square.

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