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What are the tourist destinations you most want to visit in this year?

For decades, the most tourist destinations visited a lot is a beach. In fact, beach has something inviting and enchanting view to visit and present gorgeous thing for summer vibe at all. No wonder, if most of tourists prefer to visit beach than others. It is because tourists get what they want on the beach rather than anywhere else.

But, it does not mean other tourist attractions not-attractive and inviting, it can be mentioned that the beach attraction is still superior. However, if you have a plan to visit other destinations in this year, except beach, certainly your choice is not totally wrong. It is because there are tons of kind destinations which offer the attractive sightseeing and many things to do in the place. One of them is Cape that you can visit as anti-mainstream vacation place to visit.

Nowadays, the popular and visited a lot Cape is located in Philips Island, Australia. The name of Cape is Woolamai in which it presents the gorgeous and beautiful view to enjoy. This place can be called as a very small town at the south eastern of Philips Island in Victoria, Australia. For recent time, this Cape Woolamai is visited a lot by many tourists.

Well, why many tourists prefer to visit Cape Woolamai? Which make this place so inviting and attractive to visit? Eventually, there is something interesting to explore in this Cape Woolamai that we will show in the below.

Things to Do in Cape Woolamai

Actually, it feels incomplete if we visit a vacation destination without doing something new there. So as in Cape Woolamai, we are able to do attractive and new things that we never do before. What the things that you can do in this place?
Woolamai on Foot. In this Cape, you can walk along, sweep the sand beach and follow the four coastal walking track loops. Besides, you can enjoy viewing the platform by taking breath the Pinnacles view.
Beach Life. As you do at the beach, you can do beach life in this Cape. You can enjoy biking along the Cape Woolamai. Besides, you can ask your kids to swin in the patrolled water. In this place, you can take the advantage of the wildness of Bass Strait and surfing in this beautiful Woolamai beach.
Norman Hill. This Cape also offers the beautiful hill to explore. Actually, you are able to hike up to the hill. By visiting this hill, you will feel something new when you are at the top of hill.
Philips Island Massage Therapy. If you are tired when exploring the Cape Woolamai, it is a good time for you to have a massage. This island also offers the therapy and massage for tired tourists.

Places to Stay

Here are the lists of hotels in Cape Woolamai that you can check in. Certainly, those hotels offer such a reliable price starting from 42.6$ – more than 300$. They are:

  • The Black Dolphin
  • Woodman Estate
  • Sam Remo Hotel/Motel
  • Quay’s Motel San Remo
  • Silverwater Resort
  • Ramada Resort
  • Seahore Motel

So, it is your turns to decide in which mount you will visit this Cape Woolamai. Make sure that you do attractive things in this Cape. Happy Visiting, Dude!

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