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Have you ever heard about appraiser? If yes, do you know what is it? You may often hear this word but you are not sure about the definition of it. Well, Appraiser is a person who has knowledge and expertise to be able to estimate the value of an asset. Generally, an appraiser will act independently from the parties of buying and selling in a transaction to get the fair value of an asset without bias.

Now, we are going to explain about Clay County Property Appraiser. Do you live in this county? Or you may have a plan to buy a property in this county. Well, whatever your reason is, you have decided the right thing to read this article because it will be beneficial for you. Yes, it is important to know about Property Appraiser because they can help you to estimate the value of your property to the right number and also they will help you in anything related to property. Clay County Property Appraiser website can be accessed at

In this site, you will be given a lot of information related to property such as millage rates, Clay County census data, municipal tax data, exemptions and more. This property appraiser has a mission to execute the duties and responsibilities of the Office of the Property Appraiser in a fair and equitable manner and also to provide information which is accurate with courteous, professional service.

Now, do you know what millage rates is? Well, it is a tax rate which is expressed as mills per dollar. One mill is similar to S1 per S1,000. For instance, a millage rate of 16.0000 mills is 1.600000% of the taxable value. Authorities of taxing hold public hearings to discuss their proposed budgets for the prospective years on an annual basis. The amount of budget will determine the millage rate which will be applied to the jurisdiction’s property taxable value. So, it results in the ad valorem tax amount. For your information, the rates of millage are similar for real and tangible personal property.

Do you know that Florida law provides for some ad valorem property tax exemptions? Well, it will reduce the taxable value of a property. Homestead exemption is the most common real property exemption. You need to know that there is the statutory deadline for filing a timely exemption application and it is on March 1. Applicants who are failed to apply timely can still file an application on of before the 25th day following the mailing of the Notice of Proposed Taxes and it is usually occurs in mid-August. If you are late applicants, you have to provide sufficient evidence or documentation to demonstrate extenuating circumstances as to why the application was not submitted in a timely manner. Then, you also need to know that as a property owner you have to qualify for the exemption as of January 1 of the year in which the exemption will apply. Do you need other information about property? It is recommended for you to visit the website of Clay County Property Appraiser now.

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