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Now, you are probably looking for information about website which provide information about commercial property values. Zillow is one of popular real estate marketplace. But, does this site provide information about commercial property values? Continue reading this article to find the answer of this question.

Zillow is a marketplace which provide information about real estate and rental. Zillow serves owning and living in a home such as selling, buying, financing, remodeling and more. With Zillow, you will be empowered with data, inspiration and knowledge as well around the place that they call home and also you will be connected with the best local professionals who are able to help you. So, if you are looking for home, bungalow, or apartments for sale or rent, you are able to access the website of Zillow.

Now, the question is whether this site provides information about commercial property value? Zillow does not provide information about commercial property and also its value. Now, residential listings are only accepted by Zillow. Note that they do not permit industrial, commercial, timeshares or farm and also agricultural properties. Then, they also do not permit for short term rental listings including, but not limited to, vacation rentals or fractional rental properties. If you find commercial property in Zillow, it is limited. So, because commercial property is not allowed in Zillow, there is also no commercial property values there. Then, you may be curious where to go to get information about commercial property and its value.

There are a lot of websites which provide those kind of information. One of them is Enriched Real Estate. Enriched Real Estate provides information about commercial property search across America with the highest quality and most detailed data. It is free and they provide the information through crowdsourcing to supplement a national commercial real estate database with 32 million records. By searching commercial real estate in this site, you will get the property history, value, owner info, comparable sales and also lenders for all regions of the US. Enriched Real Estate is located at 2200 North Loop, West, Suite 230, Houston, TX 77018. It opens from Monday to Friday at 9 am to 5 pm and on Saturday at 9 am to 1 pm. You are able to access its website at

How to use website of Enriched Real Estate? It is very easy and everyone can do that. You just need to type the street number and name into the address bar to discover a property and get a Guesstimate of value of the property. You are able to search by using other ways. You are able to type in the Zip code where you are looking for property. Then, you are also able to filter by property type, property size and year built. The data which are available for each property are ownership, sales history, mortgage history, assessment history, detailed property information, comparable sales and active lenders in the area. How is the Guesstimate of value calculated? It will be based on comparable sales and also a series of 8 calculations.

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