Crescent City Connection Bridge New Orleans Louisiana

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New Orleans is known as the city-parish placed in the southeastern region of the U.S. state of Louisiana, along the Mississippi River. The population of this area is about 393,000. This one is the most populous city in the Louisiana. New Orleans can be described as the economic and commercial hub Gulf Coast region of the United States. It is considered as one of the top ten most visited cities in the United States. Every year, there are thousands of local and foreign tourists to visit this place for fun and holiday making.

For those who have a plan to visit New Orleans, Louisiana, you have to include Crescent City Connection Bridge or CCC in your list. This bridge is really popular to the point there is a saying that if you have not been to this place, you have not visited New Orleans Louisiana.

Crescent City Connection Bridge or CCC, which was called as Greater New Orleans Bridge or GNO in the past, is the name of the twin cantilever bridges that carry the U.S. Highway 90 Business or US 90 Bus over the Mississippi River in New Orleans, Louisiana, the United States. This one is the fifth cantilever bridges in the whole world. Apparently, every span carries four general use automobile lanes, as the addition to the westbound span that has two reversible HOV lanes across the river.

Crescent City Connection Bridge New Orleans Louisiana is the farthest downstream bridge on the Mississippi River. This one is also the widest and the most heavily traveled bridge on the lower Mississippi. For your information, the only other comparable bridges on the Mississippi are in the St. Louis area. All of them are the Poplar Street Bridge, the Jefferson Barracks Bridge, and the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Crescent City Connection Bridge has a total length of 13,428 ft or 4,093 m. As for the width, it is 52 ft or 16 m. The longest span of this bridge is 1,575 ft or 480 m and clearance below is 170 ft or 52 m. This one is known as one of the busiest bridge of the United States with the daily traffic of 180,000.

Crescent City Connection Bridge is used for movie making. There are a lot of movie scenes that have been recorded on the bridge with different stunts. When there is a shooting, the bridge remains closed for a short period of time. Aside from that, there is rush of tourist to see and record the amazing view of this world famous place.

The local use this bridge for a thing called Crescent City Connection Road Race or just Bridge Race. Usually, this event is held in September every year. Actually, the bridge remains open to the other traffic during the race, but the traffic can only uses the two lanes. For those tourists, you are recommended to visit Crescent City Connection Bridge at least once in your life. This one will be the most wonderful place you have ever visited.

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