Does Zillow List Commercial Property?

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Zillow is one of marketplace which provide information about real estate for sale and rent. We are able to find real estate wherever we want in America through accessing the website of Zillow. But, does Zillow also list commercial property? Let’s find out the answer.

Commercial property is real estate which is used for business activities. It generally refers to buildings that house business but it is also able to refer to land that is aimed to generate a profit and also a bigger residential rental properties. Buildings which are categorized into commercial property includes medical centers, office buildings, malls, hotels, farm land, retail stores, warehouse, multifamily housing buildings, and garages. The designation of commercial property has implications on the financing of the building, the tax treatment and the laws which apply to it.

There are some basic elements of an investment including cash inflows, outflows, timing of cash flows and risk. You have to own the ability to analyze these elements because it is a key in providing services to investors in commercial property. Do you know cash inflows and outflows? Those are money that is put into or got from property including the original purchase cost and sale revenue over the whole life of investment. Cash inflows include operating expense recoveries; rent; proceeds from sale; fees such as vending, parking, services, etc; depreciation; tax benefits; and tax credits. Cash outflows include all operating expenses and taxes; initial investment (down payment); debt service (mortgage payment); capital expenses and tenant leasing costs and costs upon sale. It is important to know the timing of cash inflows and outflows in order to project periods of positive and negative cash flows. How about risk? It is dependent on conditions of market, current tenants, and the likelihood that they will renew their leases year over year.

Now, the question is, does Zillow provide commercial property listings? The answer is no. For now, Zillow only accept residential listings. Zillow does not allow commercial, industrial, timeshares or farm and agricultural properties. Besides, they also do not permit for short term rental listings including, but not limited to, vacation rentals or fractional rental properties. In Zillow, you are able to find property fo sale and rent. They provide you with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place they call home and also you will be connected with the best local professionals who are able to help you in finding or sell your property at the best price and quality.

Besides, Zillow also has Zestimate home values. What is it? Zestimate is estimated market value of Zillow for an individual home and it will be calculated for about 100 million homes nationwide. It is a beginning point in determining the value of a home and it is not an official appraisal. Zillow also generates a Zestimate forecast. What is it? It is a prediction of Zillow about a home’s Zestimate one year from now and it will be based on current home and market information.

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