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A man named Chris Jones is the Escambia County Property Appraiser. He is a native of Escambia County, Florida. According to the official website of Escambia County Property Appraiser, he graduated from Tate High School, Pensacola Junior College, and Florida State University.

The involvement of Chris Jones has included several community organizations such as First Baptist Church of Pensacola, United Way, United Celebral Palsy, Independence for the Blind, March of Dimes, Youth Sports, Notheast Sertoma, Pensacola Five Flags Rotary Club, Catholic Charities – Bridges To Circle, Pensacola Recreational Fisherman’s Association – Kids Fishing Clinic, The Arc.

What are the duties and the responsibilities of Escambia County Property Appraiser? Escambia County Property Appraiser is responsible for identifying, locating, and valuing all property within the county for ad valorem tax purposes. This one is also responsible for administering exemptions, mapping all parcels and classifying agricultural lands.

As a custodian of particular county records, Escambia County Property Appraiser must maintain the property record cards, subdivision plats, ownership maps, sales data records and prior tax rolls. From all of them, one is able to access the files, determine building size, the description of the components and property characteristics.

The office of Escambia County Property Appraiser is the main source of information and they share the data and information with a lot of persons on a daily basis. In this case, you have to visit this site first when you need something.

What properties must be appraised? There are five kinds of property hat must be appraised. The first one is the real property. It is the physical land and appurtenances affixed to the land such as structures. The word “land”, “real estate”, “realty”, and “real proeprty” are often used regularly. The second one s tangible personal property. This one is any item other than the real estate that is used in the business and has value. This kind of thing includes such assets as furniture, computers, told, machinery, signs, equipment, leasehold improvements, supplies and leased equipment. The third one is minerals. The fourth one is centrally assessed properties. This one is commonly thought of as railroads, appraised by the Department of Revenue. The last one is mobile homes and manufactured homes. It is when permanently in place with a real property (RP) decal.

How are properties appraised? When it comes to appraisal, Escambia County uses the same technique normally used by independent fee appraisers. All of them are Cost Approach, Sales Comparison Approach and Income Approach. A thing called the principle of substitution is the basic thing to the cost approach. The principle emphasizes that no prudent buyer would pay more for the property than the cost to acquire the similar site and construct improvements of equal desirability and utility without undue delay. The sales comparison approach is the process in which the market value estimate is derived by analyzing the market for sales of similar properties and comparing those properties to the subject. The income approach is the unique way to evaluate property, usually commercial property.

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