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What comes on your mind when you heard about Hillsborough County Property Appraiser? Some of you may have some ideas but some others may not have idea at all and even hearing this is for the first time. So, what is the Hillsborough County Property?

It is an elected official charged with the duty and responsibility to appraise all of the property in the County including real estate and tangible personal property (the equipment, machinery and fixtures) of businesses. The offices of it are available in some areas such as in Tampa, Florida; Brandon, Florida; Ruskin, Florida, and Plant City, Florida. You are able to visit the website of Hillsborough County Property Appraiser at www.hcpafl.org.

If this is your first time in accessing the site, you may be unfamiliar with everything in it. So, we are going to explain it briefly.

  • You are able to click on the Property Search button to take you directly to the Basic Property Search interface. You will be able to search based on Folio Number, Parcel Number, Owner Name, or Address. You can choose to enter the whole name, number or address into the form or you can also simply scroll down the list of options provided and click on the one you want to search for. You can click on Advanced Search tab to elect to search using additional, and more advanced criteria.
  • You are able to click on the Map Search button to take you directly to the GIS Search interface. It is a more advanced search interface with considerably more tools and resources. This interface is able to be accessed via the Quick Link button, the Search GIS Maps link under the Search tab in the header. Alternatively, it can also be accessed by clicking on the icon of Map View that is available on the PRC output page in the Basic, Advanced and Sales Search results.
  • You can click on Tangible Search button to spawn a TPP Search page. It works in the same manner to the Property Search interface, where you are able to search for a specific property by using various criteria like Folio, Business Name, Address, Zip Code, and NAICS Code. But, the result of this interface will focus on taxing information for the property.
  • You can click on Download Forms and it will lead into the same Downloads/Forms section as the Downloads tab at the top of the page. This section contains links to all of the forms ad applications located on the site.
  • Tax Estimator works much similar as the search functions but with one major difference. The results of a search using this interface contain the taxes which are estimated for a specific property.

If you want to know more or you want to search property, you are able to go to the official website of Hillsborough County Property Appraiser now at www.hcpafl.org now. Find your dream house now and make sure that you consult first with the appraiser so that you will get the best house for living in.

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