How Do I Cancel My Zillow Premier Agent?

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Canceling your Zillow Premier Agent is an easy process and involves a few steps. If you want to break from the service or explore other options, you can cancel your Zillow Premier Agent subscription. In the text below, we will share its way. Make sure you read and learn all information carefully.

Canceling Your Zillow Premier Agent – Here’s Way

As a Premier Agent, you can choose where and how you want to advertise. Also, you can choose how long you want to commit for advertising. If you are a Premier Agent with month-to-month advertising, and want to cancel your subscription, then you can do that easily. For this case, simply you can send a request to cancel at any time you want. Usually, termination will occur at the end of your current billing period. While if you are a Premier Agent with a current contract, you can cancel your agreement prior to the end of your current term. However, you need to know that there will be an early cancellation fee which is equivalent to twice the monthly minimum spend set in your contract. If you really want to cancel your Premier Agent, just contact your business consultant.

Cancel My Zillow Premier Agent

Here is a detailed guide to cancel your Zillow Premier Agent subscription:

1. Access Your Zillow Account

The first step is to go to the Zillow website and log in by using an account which is associated with your Premier Agent subscription. Ensure that you enter the correct email and password to get access to your account.

2. Locate Your Premier Agent Dashboard

Once logged in, locate your Premier Agent dashboard. This is where you can manage your Premier Agent subscription, including billing and account settings. Usually, you will be able to discover a link to the dashboard in the upper-right corner of the Zillow site.

3. Subscription Management

Within your Premier Agent dashboard, you can explore several options and tabs. Please look for an option related to your Premier Agent subscription or billing settings. This option is usually labeled as “Subscription” or “Billing.”

4. Cancellation Option

In the subscription or billing option, you can look for the cancellation option. To initiate the process, just click on this cancellation option.

5. Provide Cancellation Details

The next step, you will be asked to provide some information about your decision to cancel your Premier Agent subscription. Here you can give your reason for canceling. Or, you can also give feedback about your experience with the service offered by Zillow.

6. Confirm Cancellation and Review

After providing the requested information, then you can review the information you have given and confirm the cancellation. Of course, this step is very important to prevent any errors.

7. Complete the Cancellation

Please complete the cancellation once you are sure that everything is in order. In this step, you will need to take action to finalize the cancellation process by clicking a “Confirm” button. Ensure you follow the instructions for completing this step.

8. Check for Confirmation

After completing the cancellation process, we highly suggest you check your email for a confirmation of the cancellation. Usually, you will receive a confirmation email stating that you have canceled your Premier Agent subscription. The email is proof of your cancellation.

If you get any problems during the cancellation process, do not hesitate to contact Zillow’s customer support. They will help and ensure you get a smooth experience. In the next billing cycle, make sure that you are not billed for the subscription fee. In addition, to ensure that the subscription fee does not appear, you can check your credit card or bank statements.

Common Reasons to Cancel Zillow Premier Agent

Apparently, there are some common reasons why individuals choose to cancel their Zillow Premier Agent subscription.

Here are some common reasons:

1. Lack of Prospects

One common reason for canceling Zillow Premier Agent is the lack of prospects. In fact, while Zillow attracts a lot of users, but not all agents get a consistent flow of prospects. So, if you do not get enough prospects, you can cancel your Zillow Premier Agent subscription. It is time for you to consider other marketing strategies.

2. Cost

For agents or agencies operating on a limited budget, the subscription fee for Zillow Premier Agent may be a significant expense. This may lead to canceling a Zillow Premier Agent. If you think that the cost outweighs than the perceived benefits, it is not wrong for you to cancel your Premier Agent subscription and choose other more cost-effective marketing options.

3. Market Changes

As we know that real estate markets can change over time. If target market changes, it may make Zillow’s lead generation less effective. Thus, you can choose to cancel your Zillow Premier Agent subscription.


In conclusion, canceling your Premier Agent subscription is a straightforward process. It involves some steps starting from log in to Zillow account, access Premier Agent dashboard, locate the cancellation option, provide cancellation details, confirm the cancellation, finalize the cancellation, check email for confirmation, and contact Zillow’s customer support if needed. If you follow the steps above, we are sure that you can cancel your Premier Agent subscription successfully so that you can break from the service for saving your money. Ensure you get the latest information about any updates or changes to the cancellation process by visiting Zillow’s official website or contacting Zillow’s customer support.

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