How to Find Weird Houses on Zillow

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Through Zillow, you can easily find your dream home based on various criteria such as type, design, location, price, and more. With data on more than 110 million homes in the United States for sale or rent, also markets weird houses, commonly known as “unique houses,” on its website.

A weird house itself means a type of home that has an unconventional design, unique feature, or uncommon architectural style. Individuals who seek out weird houses are usually the ones who want to express their individuality, which makes them different from others. Then, how to find a weird house on Zillow? Let’s see our guide below!

Weird Houses on Zillow - Retro-Futuristic Dome House
Retro-Futuristic Dome House

Finding Weird Houses on Zillow: Here’s How!

Even though Zillow does not directly show a list of weird houses for sale, it’s actually straightforward to look for them. Unlike finding the common houses on Zillow, you may need to take some steps first to get the weird house you want. Well, the following are tips and tricks you can use to find a weird house on Zillow:

Tip 1: Use Zillow Filters

Since weird houses are usually not displayed directly on the list of houses for sale, you can really use Zillow filters to find one. Zillow seems to provide a variety of filters that can help you narrow down your search.

To find a weird house, you can use filters like “features,” “design,” “style,” “lot features,” and more. Such filters are commonly available on the “More” tab. You can also use filters like “geodesic” or “circular” to find unique architectural houses.

Tip 2: Use Specific Keywords

In addition to using Zillow filters, you can also use specific keywords such as “weird,” “unique,” “quirky,” and “unusual” in your search query. You can also look for “unique houses” in a certain location to see what appears.

Tip 3: Take Advantage of Google Maps

If you really want to find a weird house on Zillow, you can take advantage of Google Maps. There is no doubt that it can really give you a better sense of the surrounding area. Usually, weird houses are also located in unique or quirky neighborhoods.

Tip 4: Discover via the Listings

Discovering a weird house via the listings is sometimes the best way to find one. Through it, you can search for homes with unusual or eye-catching photos or houses that have descriptions that mention unique features.

This way is also used to search for houses that have been on the market for a while. However, it may be harder to sell because of its unconventional design and uncommon style.

Tip 5: Look Beyond Your Preferred Location

This last tip can be used if you do not find any weird houses in your preferred location. You can really try expanding your search to neighboring towns or cities. With the use of your preferred location, you’ll know what you may find.

Well, those are some tips and tricks you can use to find a weird house on Zillow. Now’s a great time for you to look for the weird house you want via Zillow. Good Luck!!!

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