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Happy Holiday!

Do you have a plan to travel in this year? Are you looking for destination country to have holiday? Or do you already have a destination for a vacation? If you do not have a destination to vacation, why not to visit Kefalonia Island in Greece. Why you must visit the place? To know more about this island, keep staying on this page, dude!

If we talk about Kefalonia, certainly our brain will be directed to one exotric and wonderful island located in Greece. Need to know that Kefalonia can be mentioned as the largest and the most beautiful of lonian islands in Greece. Perhaps, you have seen the Kefalonia in some travel posters or collection image on the internet. But, looking and feeling the atmosphere in a real can be something enchanting and unforgettable moment at all.

Welcome to Kefalonia

In the term of history about Kefalonia, formerly the place is well-known as Kefallinia or Kephallenia. In Greece, this island is included into 6th largest island after Crete, Evoia, Lesbos, Rhodes, and Chios. Indeed, all largest islands are the most beautiful destination to visit. However, the Kefalonia can be called as an island that has its own charm to be used as a list of places to visit this year. So, which make the kefalonia so interesting and inviting to visit?


In the largest island in Greece, absolutely, there are some awesome and wonderful scenes that you can enjoy. Many tourists said that Kefalonia is a popular and charming holiday destination to visit. At least, there are more than 20 sightseeing places that you have to visit, but we just share some of them. They are:

  • Historical and Folk Art Museum
  • Memorial of Acqui Division
  • Melissani Cave
  • De Bosset Bridge
  • Mount Ainos
  • Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi
  • Casttle of Assos
  • Roman Villa

What You Can Do in This Island?

It is not complete if you do not do something new and challenge in this island. Here are the lists that you can do in this island:

  • Explore the Kefalonia Island
  • Enjoy food and drink
  • Discover the events and festivals
  • Visit Wineries
  • Shopping some catchy souvenirs or gifts
  • Do watersport
  • Scuba diving
  • Relax with massage
  • Discover canoeing
  • Sailing around
  • Purchase a beautiful house or villa
  • Organize the wedding of your dreams in this island

How to Get There?

Travel to Kefalonia can be totally reached by two kind of transportations: plane or ferries.
By Flights. If you take flight, you can find the airport at the Svorotana region on the southwestern side of this island. This airport receives the domestics flights from Athens and Thessaloniki for about 1 hour. A good news in which this airport ussually receive the flights from abroad and charters in summer.
By Ferries. Besides by plane, if you want to feel the fresh air, certainly you can take Ferries to reach Kefalonia. The ferries depart from Kilini as a part town in western Peloponnese. Then, the ferries will arrive in Poros as the main port of Kefalonia for about 1 hour 30 minutes. But, in summer, there are many ferries which reach Kefalonia, from Patra, from the port of Astakos in mainland Greece to Samo port Kefalonia and Pisaetos port Ithaca.

Accomodation in Kefalonia

You do not to be wooried about the accomodation in this island, because there are dozens of hotels and resorts taht you can check in with the reliable price. Here are some list of recommended accomodations that you can choose:

  • Diona Ramona starts from 20€
  • Vivian Apartements starts form 25€
  • Eva Kefalonia Studio starts from 36€
  • Alkioni Hotel starts from 40€
  • Agnanti Suites starts from 70€

How to Eat and Drink in Kefalonia?

Certainly, the tourist destination have been completed by meal places provided many delicious and yummy food or drink as well. So as this island in which you can get it by visiting some place below!

  • Restaurant: Tassia, Ampelaki, LOnia, Andromeda and many more.
  • Cafe: Le passage, Pero, Pikiona, and Seven.
  • Bars: Baroque le Bistrot, Averto, Bee’s Knees, Captain’s and many more
  • Wineries: Divido Wineries. Haritator Vineyard and Sclavos Wines.
  • Clubs: Bass and Katavothres

Well, after we explain the most interesting thing and how to travel to Kefalonia. So, it is time for you to decide in which month you will visit this gorgeous place in this year.

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