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King County property tax is the type of “ad valorem” tax. The term is Latin for “according to value”. It means that they are calculated based on the assessment of the value of the property. King County property tax funds schools, fire departments and libraries. Basically, it can be a major source of funding for King County.

How King County property tax is paid? There are several methods that you can choose. The first one is to pay it in person. King County property tax can be paid in person via cash, check, or credit card at King County Treasury Operations 500 Fourth Ave., Suite 600 Seattle, WA 98104. This one is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, excluding holidays.

Before using this method, you have to know that the payment made via credit card are subject to the 2.35% processing fee, the fee itself is charged by the card processor. It means, King County does not get any portion of this free, aside from that, the payments can be also made in person via check only at any King County Community Service Center. The second one is to pay your property tax online. In order to use online payment, you have to know your real estate or personal property tax account number. In case you do not know your personal property tax account number, please call 206 263 2844. You can use the eReal Property Search tool to find the real property tax account or parcel number.

Can you pay your property tax over the phone? The answer to the question is no. Unfortunately, you the staff are not able to process the payments by phone. In this case, they are able to talk to you through the online payment process if you need assistance.

What are the deadlines of the payment and lat payment penalties? According to the official website of King County, the first half taxes must be paid or postmarked by April 30 or the full year tax becomes delinquent on May 1. The second one must be paid or postmarked by October 31 or they become delinquent on November 1. There is the interest which is one percent each month on the full amount due (from month of delinquency to month of payment). As for the penalty, it is three percent (current year tax only) on amount unpaid on June 1, and eight percent (current year tax only) on amount unpaid on December 1.

Do you need a tax statement to make the payment? Apparently, it is not necessary to have the tax statement accompany your payment if you know the correct amount to pay. Please make your check payable to King County Treasure and mail it to 500 Fourth Ave., Suite 600 Seattle, WA 98104. In addition, please write your tax or parcel number on the check and make sure that it is postmarked by the due date. Please remembers all of the things mentioned before.

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