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Have you ever visited Thailand to vacation? If so, what makes Thailand so attractive and interesting to visit? Or do you want to know more about Thailand before go vacation in this year? Definitely, to know more about Thailand, you have to keep staying on this page!

As we know that Thailand becomes one of inviting country which is visited a lot by many tourists. It is because Thailand provides the gorgeous and beautiful places and scenes to enjoy. Absolutely, there are tons of enchanting tourist destinations that we can choose to vacation. In Thailand, you can totally do many things when you are vacationing.

What is an inviting tourist destination to visit in Thailand? Perhaps, you do not know about an attractive and beautiful place called Koh Chang in Thailand yet. Need to know that Koh Chang is the third lagrest island in Thailand after Phuket and Samui. Koh Chang is well-known as ‘Elephant Island’ because the cape of this island forming to shape a head of elephant. This island is located about 300 Kilometers on the east of Bangkok and near the Cambodian border.

Overview of Koh Chang

As the third largest island in Thailand, Koh chang is known as an island with area about 212 square kilometers. For about 70% of Koh Chang is encompassed by rainforesr, beaches and mountains. Besides, Koh Chang can be mentioned as the part of Mu Ko Chang National Park. Well, from the jungle, it is covered by mountain peaks to bays, the beach huts to luxury resorts and the great waterfalls to flourishing coral reefs. So, every corner in this island can be used as the inviting and interesting place for tourist to vacation.

How to Get Koh Chang Island?

However, this chapter can be an important thing to know for every tourist. How the ways to get Koh Chang can be reached for some ways as well. But, in general, when you are coming to Bangkok, there are will dozens of transportation choice that you can take. Unfortunately, there is no option for you to take low price transport, because the options are at the top end of price range at all. If you have more budgets, you can take on Bangkok Airways to Trat. This can be called as the most expensive transportation.

Generally, most of tourists prefer to choose the bus from Ekkamai Bus Station in Bangkok. Another option that you can choose is to rent a motorbike. This way can be an option for you who have very limit budget. It is because renting motorbike and all scooters can be at very reasonable and reliable prices. So, it is the best time for you to choose the best one to visit Koh Chang Island in Thailand.

What You Can Do in Koh Chang?

As inviting island, certainly there are lots of activities that you can do there. Beach in this island becomes the most visited place. Certainly you can do many things such as diving, snorkeling, jungle trekking, kayaking and many more. Besides, you can enjoy the sunset in the afternoon. If you want feel something new, you care able to ride on the back on the elephant on a jungle trek. Even soaking with the elephant can be an unforgettable and ne sensational moment as well.

When is The Best Time to Visit?

If you have a plan to visit this island, you have to know the season that Koh Chang has. As least, Koh Chang has three seasons, they are: cool season starting from November to February, hot season starting from March to April and rainy season starting from May to October. So, the best time to visit Koh Chang as holiday month is in hot season.

Now, you already know about Koh Chang Island, so, it is time for you to prepare visiting this wonderful island in Thailand.

Enjoy your holiday!

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