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Do you need some information about property at Lee County? If the answer is yes, it means that you have to visit the official website of Lee County Property Appraiser at www.leepa.org or come to its office at 2480 Thompson St, Fort Myers, FL 33901, United States.

Now, let’s find out about Lee County. It was one of the original landlot counties acquired from the Greek Indians by a treaty in 1825. 68th county of Georgia, it was called for Richard Henry “Lighthorse Harry” Lee, father of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. In 1779, Lighthorse Harry granted the eulogy at the funeral of George Washington. Starkville was the original county seat, but then it was moved to current county seat of Leesburg in 1876 after the completion of the Railroad from Americus to Albany in 1857.

Now, Lee County is one of the fastest growing counties south of Atlanta. In 2005, this county was ranked as the 46th fastest growing county in the United States. This county has the total land which is 355 square miles or 227,200 acres. Now, the population is estimated at 31,000 with a growth of 3.5 people per day. Residential construction adds 8 to 10 new dwellings per week. In 2005, the whole number of tagged vehicles consisted of 31,711 and it was up from 30,674 in 2004.

Now, you may wonder what appraiser is. It is not impossible that this is your first time of you to know about appraiser. Well, an appraiser is one who is able to determine the fair market value of property, real or personal. In the United States, the most common usage of property appraiser relates to real estate and personal property appraisals, while the term is often utilized to describe a person particularly referred by a judicial or quasi-judicial authority to put a valuation on property. Appraisers of imported goods and boards of general appraisers own functions which are extensive in administering the custom laws of the United States. Sometimes, merchant appraisers are appointed temporarily under the revenue laws to value where there is no resident appraiser without holding the office of appraiser.

What else do you need to know about property appraiser? It is real estate property taxes. It is referred to as real property taxes and those are a combination of ad valorem and non- ad valorem assessments. Ad valorem taxes will be based on the value of property. Non-ad valorem are fees for particular services like water management, solid waste disposal, storm water, sewer, and special improvements. The property appraiser will set the value on property based on current market value and it includes buildings and improvements. If there is any exemptions that you have applied for and received, they are deducted from the assessed value that becomes a taxable value.

Well, if you have questions on your value or exemption permitted and any other information related to property at Lee County, you are able to contact the Property Appraiser at www.leepa.org or you are able to contact at 239.533.6100.

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