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How often do you hear about appraiser? So far, do you know what does it mean? You probably often hear this term but you are not sure about the definition of it. Appraiser is a person who has important knowledge and expertise to estimate the value of an asset. Usually, an appraiser acts independently from the parties of buying and selling in a transaction to achieve the fair value of an asset without bias.

If you want to buy a property of you want to sell your property in Martin County, you are able to get a help from an appraiser to estimate your property. Where do we have to come? You are able to visit the official website of Martin County Property Appraiser at In the Martin County Property Appraiser, you are able to get a lot of information related to property such as tax, homestead exemption, homestead portability, doing personal property search and more. When you visit the website of Martin County Property Appraiser, you will see that there are some menu at the top of the homepage.

The menu includes Searches, Homestead Exemption, Tools and Downloads, Forms, Learn More, News and Announcements and Our Office menu. So, you just need to click on the menu that you need to know. If you want to do real property search, you are able to scroll down a little bit, and then you will find a short form in the left of the screen. You are able to search by using any of those fields. The fields consist of owner name, street address, parcel ID, and account number. If you have filled in the fields, then hit the Search button. If you want to do advanced search, you are able to do that by clicking on Advanced Search that you can find under Search button.

If you click that, you will be brought to another page. If we put the cursor over the Searches menu, there will appear some sub menu. There will be Appraiser Data, County Data, Appraiser Sales, Real Property Map, County Map Gallery, Personal Property, Real Property TRIM, and Personal Property TRIM. Other menu also have sub menu. So, just hang over the menu and then there will appear sub menu. Then, click on the sub menu that you need to want.

In the website, there is also information about Homestead Exemption. Homestead exemptions is a way to reduce the amount of taxes of real estate that you have to pay on your residential property. If you have a property and make the property as your permanent residence as of January 1st of the tax year, you qualify for homestead exemption and you can save hundreds of dollars. The most homeowners in Martin County can save to $400 to $600 each year.

If you want to join homestead exemption, you need to apply and there are some documents required to complete. For more information, you are able to call at (772) 288-5608 or email at You can also go to the office of Martin County Property Appraiser in Stuart, Hobe Sound, or Indiantown, Florida to get clear information directly from the expert.

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