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When we want to buy a home, there are a lot of things that should be consider. We have to think about the surroundings of home, choosing the right agent to be able to help us in deciding home, and many others. Now, there are some property appraiser that can help us about it.

One of the property appraiser that you are able to use is Miami Dade Property Appraiser. When you buy a real estate property, you may assume that property taxes will remain the same. But, you need to know that a change in ownership can reset the assessed value of the property to full market value and it could result in higher property taxes. You are able to use the Tax estimator of Miami Dade Property Appraiser to approximate your new property taxes.

Well, how much do you know about Miami Dade Property Appraiser? This office has responsibility to identify and appraise all real and tangible personal property within the County and certify the annual tax roll with the Florida Department of Revenue (DOR) in accordance with State Law. Besides, it also maintain all associated property records, the administration of all exemptions and also the annual notification to all owners of property in Miami Dade County of the assessed value of their property.

The office does statuary functions related to the assessment of property for ad valorem taxes which are important to the financial health of local tax-supported government services and it includes those of the County, public schools, municipalities, districts which support water management, police, fire, and libraries and also voter-approved debt service obligations. To be able to implement its responsibilities, this office communicates on a routine basis with Miami-Dade County property owners, the Tax Collector, County agencies, the Florida Department of Revenue and also numerous taxing authorities.

In the website of Miami-Dade Property Appraiser, there is a search application which has been made with the valuable input of their citizens and business community. This office has incorporated many of your recommendations and encourages you take the chance to provide them with more of your comments and suggestions. The search application provides a lot of features including:

  • ┬ácheck characteristics of key property, ownership and sales information;
  • you are able to search by name, address, folio, and subdivision name;
  • view current and prior year aerial imagery;
  • you can check assessment, exemption benefits, and taxable value information;
  • zoom in and zoom out map features, view building sketch;
  • detach the aerial map into its own window permitting for a bigger viewing window;
  • apply layers to the map;
  • you can print the matching results of a partial search;
  • on the map, you can double click on a condominium complex to list the individual property owners;
  • links to other Property Appraiser applications;
  • links to “Other Governmental Jurisdictions” like cities, the School Board, the South Florida Water Management District.

So, if you want to search property, you are able to start now by visiting the website of Miami-Dade Property Appraiser that can be accessed at

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