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The website named Palm Beach County Property Appraiser which is also can be called as the Property Appraiser Public Access (PAPA) was launched in 1994. The main goal of this one is to give the public easy access to county property assessments and tax roll information. Palm Beach County Property Appraiser has become one of the most visited sites in the county and there are more than 100,000 visitors who visit the site every month.

The main reason why this site become favorite is because it is the fastest way to search and view all property records in Palm Beach County. Aside from the thing above, Palm Beach County Property Appraiser provides the quick links to the other government agencies such as the Tax Collector’s Office and the Clerk and Comptroller’s Office.

For many years, Palm Beach County Property Appraiser has been through three redesign projects, including the most recent in April 2018. The site itself offers the more intuitive user experience which improves the organization and presentation of connect so every visitor will be bale to find the information they are looking for at a glance.

Palm Beach County Property Appraiser has three main responsibilities. The first one is to determine the taxable value of more than 635,000 parcels and nearly 60,000 tangible personal property accounts in Palm Beach County. The second one is to apply the tax exemptions to properties that meet the particular qualifications. The third one is to maintain the official map of the county and the property ownership records.

The office of Palm Beach County Property Appraiser which is also more known as PAO encourages community service involvement throughout Palm Beach County. It is committed to the responsibility of enriching the cities and towns. There are two local organizations selected by the employees as the PAO Charity Choices for 2019-2020. All of them are Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc and The Pediatric Oncology Support Team (POST).

Aside from the employee community service, there is also the scholarship awards program. the office of Palm Beach County Property Appraiser will held the annual College Scholarship Awards application process in early 2019. According to the official website of Palm Beach County Property Appraiser, this program is special to the PAO as the money raised for the scholarships is 100% funded by the employees who participate in the volunteer donation program. since the year of 1994, the PAO has awarded more than $130,000 in college scholarships.

Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Office employs more than 200 staff at five service centers throughout Palm Beach County. This one also has more credentialed appraisal professionals compared to any other jurisdicion in the United States. more than half of the employees are Certified Florida Evaluators. 38 of them are designated from the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO), 12 from the Appraisal Institute and 40 from Florida State licensed appraisers. In addition, the office is also the recipient of the distinguished IAAO Public Information Program Award, in recognition of the successful public education initiatives.

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