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Did you just moved to Pasco County? Or you may have a plan to move to this county and you have a plan to buy a property there but you do not know what to do? Then, you are able to get a help from Pasco County Property Appraiser.

Pasco County was created on June 2, 1887 and it has more than 260,000 parcels of real property. It also has 747 sq miles of land, 122 sq miles of water for a total of 869 sq miles. They are dedicated to generating an accurate and fair Property Assessment Roll while providing the highest possible quality of service to the citizens of Pasco County.

As a property appraiser, Pasco County has a vision to excel as a leader in Pasco County Property Appraisal, administration and also continuing education using innovative technology, while obtaining quality service through teamwork. Then, they have mission to provide prompt and courteous quality service and also compiling accurate information to guarantee fair, unbiased appraisals for assessment goals, while making government more accessible to property owners through technology. You probably have a lot of questions about this property appraiser. You may wonder how to find property for sale.

Well, the office of Property Appraiser does not monitor or list properties for sale through any real estate agency. You will have to contact your local Chamber of Commerce, multiple listing service, or realtor for help. Then, how can we discover the owner of property if we do not know the address? In the website of Pasco County Property Appraiser, there is map search feature that can be used by you to see a map of particular street or intersection. You may use the quick info or full into features to get ownership. Where are we able to get information on liens, foreclosure or delinquent tax property? If you want to get information on liens and foreclosure of record, it is recorded by the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. You are able to use their website for further research and you can access them at If you want to know information about regarding delinquent taxes, you are able to contact the Tax Collector.

So, what kind of information can we get from the website of Pasco County Property Appraiser? The online data base of Pasco County Property Appraiser provides current property details like assessment, ownership, legal descriptions, and other general information. It is able to be accessed by using parcel number, owners name, address and subdivision criteria on their records search page or by using various criteria on their recent sales page.

You are able to access source appraisal and GIS data along with supporting metadata from the downloads page of Pasco County Property Appraiser at But, you need to know that they are not able to offer technical support concerning these downloads. The information property that is shown on the site is identical to the information you would see on a visit to the office of Pasco County Property Appraiser unless otherwise noted on the page.

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