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Are you looking for information about real property in Maryland? If you are looking for real property in Maryland, you are able to find that in the SDAT Real Property. You are able to visit its official website at to get information about real property in Maryland.

It is important to know that there are more than two million property accounts in Maryland. The Department of Assessment and Taxation have to appraise each of these properties once every three years. You are able to find 24 local State assessment offices one in each county and Baltimore City. You have to note that assessments are certified by the Department to local governments where they are converted into property tax bills by applying the suitable tax rates of property. An assessment will be based on an appraisal of the fair market value of the property. An appraisal is an estimate value.

Do you the number of approaches to market value? There are three approaches which are accepted to market value and those includes the cost approach, the sales approach, and the income approach. Real property can be reassessed on a three-year cycle by reviewing one-third of all property in Maryland every year. The review usually will include an exterior physical inspection of the property. The Real Property Valuation Division will participate in all appeals court proceedings where assessment questions are involved.

How to do Real Property Search in the website of SDAT Real Property? When you visit the website, you need to click on Real Property menu which is available in the top of the page. Then, there will be a brief description about Real Property and in the side of the page, there are a lot of options including Real Property Search, Guide to Taxes and Assessment, Tax Credits, Property Owner Forms, Property Owner’s Bill of Rights, Assessment Appeal Process and many more. So, click on Real Property Search and then you will be brought to a Real Property Data Search. There will be two fields. The first one is County field and the second one is search method field. After you choose from the drop down menu of County field and Search Method field, you have to click on Continue button.

The data which is available on the Real Data Property Data Search system is usually updated on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. You are not able to search by the name of owner, town, neighborhood or zip code. You also need to know that subdivisions are able to be searched in the property sales feature only.

If you need to conduct more than one search in specific county, you need to choose the Previous option. If you search by address, make sure that you do not use street name suffixes or any abbreviation of a suffix. Then, never use street directions or any abbreviations of directions. If you want to search 9800 N Maryland St, you are able to enter 9800 Maryland. So, which county’s property do you want to search? Visit the site of SDAT now.

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