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You may come to this site and read this article to find some information about property in the United Kingdom. If so, you are able to visit the website of Tayside Solicitors Property Centre. The website can be accessed at www.tspc.co.uk.

In the website of TSPC, you are able to find your new home. If you have a plan to buy a new home in United Kingdom, it is better for you to use this site. When you visit the website, you will see that there are some menu in the top of the homepage including Home, Solicitors, News, Tayside, Home Reports, Buying, SPC Scotland, Help and Sold Prices. Under those menu, there is a field that you can use to search for home. Above the field, you have to choose whether you want to do smart search, area search, street search or text search. If you choose Smart Search, you are able to enter more specific preference such as “4 bed houses in DD8”, “fixed price villa in Dundee” and more.

If you choose Area Search, you are able to enter the area, beds, and the price. If you choose Street Search, you are able to enter the street name where you want to buy a home. If you choose Text Search, you are able to enter any text such as “Paddock”. Under the search field, there are some more menu such as New Properties, Recent Updates, and All Properties. Under those menu, there are Property Map, Prestigious Properties, My TSPC, New Build, Marketing Package, and Home Movers. If you click on All Properties, there will appear a list of all their current properties and the marked in red are under offer.

In the list, there are the ref, property, postcode, type and also price. If you click on Prestigious Properties, you will be given a lot of prestigious homes including the photos and address. If you are interested in one of the homes, you are able to click on the photo of the home and the you will go to page of detail description of the home such as location map, video, floorplan, view schedule, property description, price and more.

As mentioned before that this site has a variety of ways to look for property through their property listings. However, it is better for you to begin with their Smart Search. Why? It is because that way is built to do much more than you might think. You are able to enter a variety of search terms into the search box such as monifieth fixed price, under 300k in forfar or brechin, bungalow in dundee added in the last 5 days, ground floor flat in the west and more. So, you can enter more specific terms in this search box. Then, by default, the search results will be shown with the highest priced at the top. But, if you enter the word “latest” then it will show the results with the most recently coming first.

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