What is the Cheapest Island in the Bahamas to Buy a House?

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You may imagine living on an island in the Bahamas near beautiful beaches. You may want to retire immediately and the Bahamas is the perfect place for you. As you know, the Bahamas is a Caribbean country that has around 700 islands. However, where do you have to buy a house in the Bahamas? What is the cheapest island for buying a house in the Bahamas? Reading the information below may help you to decide.

Affordable Islands For Buying a House

According to the Sapling site, the price of homes that are further from Nassau or further from the beaches is lower. It means that, if you buy houses that are close to a capital city or the sea, the price will be higher. It is understandable houses near the sea are more expensive because houses near the sea or beach also sell the beauty that you can enjoy there. So, this thing can be considered whether you really want to have a house near a beach or capital city or if it is okay if your house is further from beaches or capital city with affordable price. However, if your consideration is looking for a cheap house, then far from beaches or the capital city is probably the answer for you.

Affordable real estate can be found on some islands in the Bahamas such as in Long Island, Abaco, Cat Island, Exuma and Eleuthera.

1. Abaco

Abaco Bahamas Island

In Abaco, there are some beautiful beaches and there you can probably find condos that cost around $200,000 when you are looking for a house for sale. Dupuch Real Estate site informs that in Treasure Cay, Abaco, you are able to find lots in small marina and beachfront communities for less than $30,000.00.

2. Eleuthera

Eleuthera Bahamas Island

If you want to have a property in Eleuthera, you are able to buy an undeveloped parcel of land which starts from $10,000 for 6,3000 square feet. If you access the Realtor site, you are able to find small homes that cost around $100,000.

3. Long Island

Long Island Bahamas

Do you want to have a house in Long Island? It will be good because here there are pristine beaches. This place is known for its wide endless beaches and high bluffs. Around it, there is great fishing and diving and it is the popular one for the site of world record breaking free diving in Deans Blue Hole.

4. Cat Island

Cat Island Bahamas

In Cat Island, you are able to find beachfront lots which are cheaper than in Nassau. At this island, there are quieter boutique resorts that focus on solitude and diving as explained on the Dupuch Real Estate site.

5. Exuma

Exuma Bahamas Island

In Great Exuma, you can find inland lots which are lower than $15,000, but the location is not beachfront. Even though those are not beachfront lots, you can reach the beach in a short drive.

Finding a Cheap House in the Bahamas

There are several ways to find a cheap house in the Bahamas. You can go directly to the places mentioned above and look for houses for sale there. However, it will be more efficient if you search it online. There are a number of websites that offer you information about houses for sale. One of the sites is Realtor.com. By accessing this kind of website, you do not need to waste your energy by strolling around places to find a cheap house. You just sit down calmly in your house and access the site through your laptop or smartphone.

Using Realtor site is very easy because you just have to access the site and then on the website, you have to enter the location as a keyword. Hit the Search button and you will be given a list of houses for sale. If you are looking for the cheap one, you can filter your search by choosing Low Price so that it can list from low price that makes it easier for you to find your desired house.

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