Where is the Bristol Motor Speedway Located

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Bristol Motor Speedway is the name of the NASCAR short track venue. Where is the Bristol Motor Speedway located? The venue is located in Bristol, Tennessee, the United States. Feel free to visit the site if you are interested.

Bristol Motor Speedway was constructed in the year of 1960. The short track venue held its first NASCAR race on July 30, 1961. This one is among the most popular tracks on the NASCAR schedule. The main reason behind it is because of its distinct features, which include extraordinarily steep banking, the all concrete surface, two pit roads, and stadium like seating. Aside from that, it has also been named one of the loudest NASCAR tracks.

Apparently, Bristol Motor Speedway is the third biggest sports venue in the United States and the seventh biggest in the whole world, housing up to 162,000 people. Actually, the track is quite short that speeds there are far lower than the typical on most NASCAR oval tracks, but they are very fast compared to the other short tracks due to the high banking.

Bristol Motor Speedway is fertile ground when it comes to the other levels and types of racing. The NASCAR Xfinity Series races there usually draw more than 100,000 spectators, making it one of the best drawing Xfinity venues. A lot of fans come from the East Tennessee area, while the rest come come all parts of the country to experience the Bristol’s unique brand of racing. Even in the off season, the place can attack fans during the time like Christmas by facilitating a miles long holiday lights display that culminates with the lap on the actual speedway track itself.

For those who have a plan to go to Bristol Motor Speedway, you have to know about everything in there. For your information, Bristol Motor Speedway operates two off site free parking fields. Both of them are served by free shuttle bus service. The western one is called Speedway Parking. This one is located on the southeastern corner of Highway 394 and White Top Road. There are the shuttle buses that pick up and drop off passengers on the shoulder of Highway 394 east of the White Top Road intersection. For those who do not park up beside Highway 394 on the lot, there is the uphill walk to the shuttle buses.

The eastern one is named Whitetop Creek Park. This one is located at the southern end of Sportway Drive southeast of BMS. There is also the shuttle bus that picks up and drops off passengers at the intersection of Sportway Drive and Highway 394. This one is a walk of about 2,000 feet from Whitetop Creek Park to the shuttle bus stop at the intersection.

After the events such as Xfinity and Moster Energy Cup races, there is the thing called the Pedestrian Hold period of up to one hour. During that time, all motorists on the Bristol Motor Speedway campus and some roadways adjacent to BMS are stopped in order to allow the huge flows of pedestrians to across the roadways in greater safety.

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