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The presence of online maps make people easy in finding a place. Because of online maps, we are able to see the situation of a street and any other places just by looking at the screen of mobile phone. This technology makes people live simply.

Talk about maps, by the presence of the maps, it is also useful when we want to buy a home or rent a home in another city or country. When we buy or rent a house or apartment in a city, we surely want to know the situation and condition of the home that we buy and also the surrounding of it. Maps can be used for checking that. You are able to check the situation and condition of neighborhood of the home that you buy by aerial view of address. There are some steps of finding home and also see the aerial view in the official website of Zillow.

  • First, you have to visit the official website of Zillow at www.zillow.com.
  • After that, you will be at a homepage of Zillow site and there will be a search box. You are able to choose first whether you want to buy, rent, sell, or find out the Zestimate by clicking on the options given. If you want to find a home for being bought, you can click on Buy option.
  • Now, you have to enter an address, neighborhood, city or ZIP code of an area where you want to live. For example, you want to live in Nashville and you want to buy a home there, so you can enter “Nashville” there.
  • Then, you will go to a page where you will be given a lot of results of home that are sold in Nashville. In the left of the screen, the is a map where it can detect where it is. In the map, there are some button including zoom in button, zoom out button, schools button to find school info, draw button to draw a custom region and a map button. If you click on map button, there will be a drop down menu including automatic, aerial and street. It will determine the look of the map. If you want to see aerial look, then you have to choose “Aerial”. In the right of the screen, there are photos of homes that are sold. If you want to know more detail, you just have to click on the photo. Then, there will be a pop up window which shows the detail information of the home such as features, tax history, price including the photos and videos of the situation and condition of the home.

You are also able to toggle between different map views. To do that you have to log in to the Zillow app. Then, you need to go to Filter and then choose Map Options. There, you are able to choose a Classic or Satellite map style. What are you waiting for? You can try it now to see the look of the home that you want to buy from the aerial look.

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