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Usually, people search home for sale and rent in Zillow. You may also one of them. Or you may never use Zillow as real estate search. If so, then you do not know whether we are able to find commercial property in Zillow or no. So, we are going to discuss briefly about that in this article.

First, we need to know what commercial property is. It can be defined as real estate property that is used for business activities. Commercial property generally refers to buildings that house businesses, but it is also refer to land that is aimed to produce a profit and also bigger residential rental properties. There are some types of commercial property. First is office buildings. It includes single-tenant properties, downtown skycrapers, small professional office buildings and everything in between. Second is retail or restaurant. It includes pad sites on highway frontages, single tenant retail buildings, small neighborhood shopping centers, bigger centers with grocery store anchor tenants, power centers with big anchor stores like PetSmart, BestBuy and more even regional and outlet malls. Third is Multifamily. It includes apartment complexes or high-rise apartment buildings. Fourth is land. It includes investment properties on undeveloped, raw, rural land in the path of future development. Fifth is Miscellaneous. It includes any other nonresidential properties like hospitality, hotel, medical, and also self-storage developments and many more. Based on category, there are 5 categories of Commercial Real Estate.

  • Retail. The examples of it are shopping malls, shops, and retail stores.
  • Leisure. The examples of it are public houses, hotels, cafes, restaurants, and sport facilities.
  • Healtcare. The examples of it are hospitals, medical centres, and nursing homes.
  • Office. The examples of it are serviced offices and office buildings.
  • Multifamily (apartments). The example of it is multifamily housing buildings.

From those categories, there are only five first are classified as being commercial buildings.

Can we find commercial property for sale in the website of Zillow? Based on the website of Zillow, we are not able to find commercial property in Zillow website because currently Zillow only accept residential listings. Commercial, industrial, timeshares or farm and also agricultural properties are not allowed by Zillow. In addition, they also do not allow for short term rental listings including, but not limited to, vacation rentals or fractional rental properties. But, if you try to search “commercial property in Zillow” through your google, some results are from Zillow. So, we can conclude that even though Zillow said that they do not allow commercial properties, you are still able to find them but it is limited. Why? Because Zillow is focused on providing information about real estate for residence.

If you want to find comprehensive information about commercial property such as finding it in a place you want, value, ownership and more, you are able to access other websites such as Costar and Loopnet. One of Trulia agents even recommend Loopnet if you want to find information about Commercial Property for sale. But, to be able to search all listings in those site, you will have to pay substantial fees.

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