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In California, there is a city named Fresno. The city which is the county seat of Fresno County covers about 112 square miles in the center of the San Joaquin Valley. In 2006, the population of this city is 520,159 and it makes this city become the fifth-most city in California. Talk about Fresno, perhaps it is one of the places that you want to live in. If you want to live in Fresno, then you have to know about the prices of homes that are on sale in that city. If you need such information, Zillow is a good partner for you.

Zillow is a company which provides information about homes for sale, homes for rent and even homes which are not currently in the market. If you want to buy, sell, rent, finance, remodel and anything that relates to home, you are able to ask Zillow to help you. This company was founded in 2006 by the former Microsoft executives and founders of Microsoft spin-off Expedia. So, this company has operated more than 10 years and it means that this company is expert in handling what you are looking for.

Zillow Fresno
With more than 110 million U.S. homes, Zillow will help you in finding your dream home in Fresno and also across the United States. Well, if you want to look for homes in Fresno, you can go to the website of Zillow. Then, in the search box, insert the name of city, address, zip code or neighborhood of the place that you are looking for. In this case, you need to enter “Fresno” in the search box which then do not forget to click “Search”. Then, the system will bring out the results. From the results, you will see that there are 943 total homes for sale. Then, you will also see that the median home values estimate is $197,100 and the home value forecast is 4.2%. You will also see the average home values of the other areas such as:

  • Clovis: $291,700
  • Caruthers: $161,200
  • Kerman: $208,800
  • Fowler: $225,900
  • Madera: $193,300
  • Selma: $184,500
  • Sanger: $203,300
  • Riverdale: $141,000

If you find the interesting one among those results, you can click on it. Then, you will be given the detail information of that home. The detail information that you will get such as the address, the price, estimate mortgage, the inside and outside condition of the home in the form of photos or video, home expenses, the facts and features, home value, price or tax history, competition for the home, neighborhood, and nearby schools. In the right part of the results, you will also see the map. In the map, you will see red spots, blue spots, purple spots and yellow spots. Each spot has meaning that is different from one another. Red means for sale, blue means potential listings, purple means for rent and yellow means recently sold. You can also narrow the results of search by filtering it based on the parameters such as home type, price, size, the number of bedroom or bathroom and year built.

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