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The need of any information in this era can be fulfilled because now there is technology which is sophisticated that can help people in finding anything that they are looking for. One of the sophisticated technology which is reliable is maps. The presence of online maps make us easy in finding location.

People usually use maps when they are looking for new location that we have never visited. Maps make us not need to be worried to be lost wherever we are. Well, talk about maps, when we look for house in the official website of zillow, there is a map that will display the location of the house/ apartment that is sold or rented. The maps in Zillow is in conjunction with Google maps.

So, this map feature can help us to know how far the location of house or apartment that will be bought or rented by us. Then, we will also know what important building near the house, whether shopping center, university, and other important places are accessible from the house that we will buy or not. A satellite view will go into effect when you zoom into the map within a block or so. You are able to pretend to take a stroll down the street by using Google maps’ street view. You may be curious about a particular angle of a picture of the yard. You are able to zoom in to see whether there are trash cans or something unsightly ahead of time.

In addition, you are able to get a feel for the kind of neighbors based on the birds eye view of the yards. If the satellite photo goes into effect, you are able to see rough estimates of the property lines for each property. It will give you a feel for the various sizes of properties in the neighborhood. Bird’s eye image is taken by a Microsoft partner and it is one of the biggest digital in the world, oblique aerial photography companies. The images are captured via cameras pointed at a 45-degree angle from low-flying airplanes. The photos are shown on the website of Zillow as 360-degree panoramas that is able to be viewed from four compass directions. The images of bird’s eye are shown alongside the satellite of Zillow and street maps to give customers a much richer picture of the individual home and neighborhood.

How to see the bird’s eye view on Zillow? First, you need to enter an address in the search box of Zillow official website. Then, you have to click on the Zestimate home results. Then, the bird’s eye views will be shown on individual home details pages for cities where the images are currently available. Stephen Lawler, a general manager of the Virtual Earth Business Unite at Microsoft, said that virtual earth is powerful platform for a real estate because it can permit users to be able to see up close the millions of homes and surrounding neighborhoods look like. Then, he also added that they are excited to integrate their service into www.zillow.com and can be part of the first consumer real estate website to use and apply this cutting edge mapping technology.

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