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Zillow is a leading marketplace of of real estate and rental. This website is dedicated to empowering consumers with inspiration, data and knowledge around the place that they call a home and also connecting them with the best local professionals who are able to help.

Zillow is able to service the full lifecycle of having and living in a home including selling, buying, renting, financing, remodeling and more. If you are looking for homes or apartments in Zillow, you are able to see the photos and videos of the homes; detail information of the home such as the price, the estimate mortgage, features and facts of a home, history of the tax and many more.

Besides, another awesome thing from searching home in Zillow is that you are able to see the location of home via maps. When you search home in a city in the website of Zillow, you will be able to see the results in the right side of the screen. Then, in the left screen, you will be able to see a map. The maps will display the location spots of the home which are sold based on the results on the right side. By seeing the maps, you are able to estimate the distance from the house that you want to buy to your office where you work or campus where you study. Besides, by presenting the maps, you will also be able to see the neighborhood of the home that you will buy or rent.

When you search a home in Zillow and then you check the homes in maps, you are able to toggle between different map views. How to do that? Here are the steps.

  • First, you need to log in to the app of Zillow.
  • After that, you need to go to Filter and then choose Map Options.
  • And here, you are able to choose a Classic or Satellite map style.

Can I correct the map position of my listings? Yes, you can do it. You have to make sure that you are logged in to your account. Then, go to the listings page that you want to adjust and click on the More menu that can be found on the Public view of your listing page. You are able to switch between the Public and Owner view of your listings at the top of the page. Next, you have to choose the Edit Position beside the map. You are able to move the home’s map location three different ways.

First, you can click and drag the orange circle icon to the correct location. Second, you are able to click the correct location and the home icon will be placed there. Third, you are able to enter the Latitude/ Longitude manually in the box to the left of the map. If you decide to enter the Latitude/ Longitude, you are able to click Refresh Map to preview the updated position after you enter the coordinates.

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