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Zillow is a company that has database of homes in the United states. The homes includes the homes for sale, homes for rent and homes which are not currently on the market. Zillow is built by Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink who are the former Microsoft executives and founders of Microsoft spin-off Expedia in 2006. What can we do with Zillow? We can look for homes to be sold, bought, rented financed, remodeled and more. With Zillow your problem which relates to home will be easier.

In Zillow, you will see maps. What is it for? Maps in Zillow is to make people easier in finding the exact place of the home that they are looking for. You can also see the nearest or the farthest home from the the home that you want to buy. You can see what places which exist around the home that you will buy. You can also search the home via the maps. In the map, you will see every spots that represent homes are different. You will find red spot, blue spot, yellow spot and purple spot.

Zillow Maps
Here are the meaning of colours.

  • Red spot means home for sale.
  • Blue spot means potential listings.
  • Purple spot means homes for rent.
  • Yellow spot means homes which are recently sold.

You are able to look for homes from the map page as well by using search filters. You can also specify the parameters by clicking on the filter button, select the criteria and click search. When you claim your home, then you see that the home location on the map is not right, you can correct that. If you have claimed your home, you have to go to the More menu that you can find on the Public view of your property page. You are able to replace between the Public and Owner view of the home that is at the top of the property page. From the More menu, choose Move Home’s Map location. Then, choose Edit Position beside the map. You are able to move the map location of the home in three different ways. First, you can do that by clicking and then dragging the orange circle icon to the correct location. The second way, you can do that by clicking correct location and the icon of your home location will be placed there. Alternatively, you can use this third way by clicking entering the Latitude/Longitude manually. You are able to click “Refresh Map” to preview the updated position after you enter the coordinates. You are also able to click and drag the map and you are able to zoom in or out depending on how far you have to move your home. If you have corrected the location, do not forget to choose Save Position. Then, if you are not satisfied with your selection, you can choose Edit Position to move the map location of your home again. But, if you think that it is correct and you are satisfied with the final location, choose Continue.

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