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Zillow Premier Agent review refers to a situation when the former, potential, or existing clients of real estate agents can write a review and rate agents on Zillow. The main purpose of the review is to help consumers to choose an agent.

What makes a review important for an agent?

The review is like an endorsement or a referral. Great agents would love this feature and are sure to grow their business.

What should you do to get a client to review and rate you?

There are two easy methods. First of all, sign into your Zillow account, head to your Zillow Profile and choose Request a review. Doing so will make a form appear where you are able to ask for reviews two ways. The first one is by sending an email to multiple clients using one general form. Basically, every client will receive an email from you consisting of the link to the agent review request form. The second one is sending a client a direct link to your review form. All that should be done is to cut and paste the URL that goes directly to a review for you.

Is it possible for you to not want to be reviewed on Zillow?

There is a choice. The ones that can be reviewed are the ones with Zillow Profiles. It means you can just remove your Zillow profile if you do not want to be reviewed. However, you are recommended to allow reviews so the potential clients can learn about you, which is good for your business.

How does the review system work?

Those who want to review can enter remarks about an agent in a free form review box. They can also rate agents on some criteria. In the end, the reviews will be shown on the profile of the agent.

Who can write a review?

Buyers and sellers who have communicated or worked with an agent are the only ones that can review. Review can also be used as an attempt to contact the agent.

As an agent, will you be notified when someone reviews you?

Yes, you will get an email as soon as the review is published. Feel free to respond to the review or leave it.

Everyone knows that Zillow is a popular real estate platform on the internet. Every month, there are about 200 million unique visitors on the official websites of Zillow looking at homes, reading information, and looking for real estate agents to work with.

The answer given by Zillow to the local agents who want to advertise on this platform is called Zillow Premier Agent. The agents can pay for branding and exposure so that they will be seen on the network of websites owned by Zillow, usually next to the properties in certain zip codes. They are positioned to be contacted when the visitors of the website have something to ask about the real estate or want to set up a showing.

Zillow takes the advantage of exposure from tons of its audience and turns that into leads that the Premier Agents take and make into sales. Despite the existence of negative feelings from a few members of the real estate community about the quality of these leads, and some discuss the long term role of Zillow in the real estate process, there is no debate on that topic. When they are searching for home, buyers mostly visit Zillow.

The difference between listing agent and Premier Agent

Before talking about it any further, it is better to understand the difference between being displayed as a listing agent vs a Premier Agent. Your Premier status does not actually matter because if you have an active profile on Zillow, you will be displayed as the listing agent for claimed listings. However, for those who have not claimed that listing or are not active on the site, you will not get the chance. On the other hand, Premier Agents show up next to each listing they have got a share of in their selected zip codes, that is why they can expand their exposure well.

How much does the Zillow Premier Agent cost?

There are two major factors that determine the cost of the Zillow Premier Agent. The first one is the average home price in your selected zip code and the second one is the number of the other agents competing for space. For example, while using the cost estimator of Zillow Premier for Michigan, the monthly ad budgets ranging from $150 to about $1,000.

Zillow will charge more if the average home price is high since the expected GCI is higher. Due to rising interest from real estate professionals in a zip code, the cost grows. Agents can use one of the tools provided by Zillow to determine where they want to advertise and how much they want to spend. Here is the table that outlines what various budgets would be really important to acquire five monthly leads in five different communities in the state of Michigan.

City Zip Monthly Speed Estimated Leads Average Home Price How Often Your Ad Appears
Detroit 48206 $147 5 $141,000 0.14
Lansing 48910 $154 5 $74,000 0.19
Traverse City 49686 $743 5 $217,000 0.29
Grand Rapids 49548 $913 5 $125,000 0.56

If you still feel confused even after reading it, you can try to think about the Uber model. If it is 2:45 AM on a Tuesday and no one is looking for an Uber, there is not much competition from the other drivers, meaning your costs will be low. However, if there is a Thanksgiving Parade and it is raining, the competition is so high, hence the prices are going to be much higher.

Some main benefits of Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agents have a lot of advantages. Aside from getting leads in your inbox, there are some other perks that you can get. A few of them have amazing exposure on Zillow and the other platforms related to Zillow such as IDX website, a CRM, and exclusive ad placement options.

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