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Welcome to the page! This page is going to talk about South Carolina real estate listings. So, for those who are looking for South Carolina real estate listings, make sure to read this entire article well and do not ever leave the page until you are done.

For some people, looking for homes for sale by themselves is hard. Their knowledge of real estate and the place they want can be one of the things behind it. For those kinds of people, it is better to seek a help from the professional so there will be no chance to get scammed. The fact is that finding a professional who can help you also is not easy. Fortunately, there is a thing called Zillow that can be an answer. What is Zillow? Have you ever heard about it?

Zillow SC
Zillow is known as the leader when it comes to real estate and rental marketplace. This one is reliable and dedicated. So, you do not have to worry and can trust this site. Zillow will help you to connect with the best local professionals who can help. The company will serve every cycle of owning and living in a home, including buying, selling, renting, financing, remodeling, and so on.

Zillow serves everyone across the United States. Even if you are looking for real estate listings in the small city, this site will try their best to help you. For those who are looking for a place in South Carolina, then you have to fill South Carolina in the search bar. You will see this search bar entitled “Find your way home” in the homepage of the official website of Zillow. Actually, you can fill it with the other things such as the address, the neighborhood, and the zip code. After hitting the Search button, you will be directed to the page of South Carolina real estate listings.

Apparently, there are 42,506 homes for sale in South Carolina. That is such a lot of amount so you have a lot of options to choose. For the price, it can vary, depending on some things such as the location, the design, the size, and so on. Most of the highest price homes for sale are apartments and condos while most of the lowest price homes for sale are in auction. The highest price homes for sale in South Carolina costs $87,500,000. This 1,748 sqft place consist of 2 beds and 3baths. This one is located at 10 Gardenwood Ct, Columbia, SC. The second highest price is located at 133 Flyway Dr, Johns Island, SC. You have to spend $22,000,000 to get this 10,500 sqft place. Please visit the official website of Zillow to see the other options.

As stated in the sentence above, Zillow also serve everyone who is looking for homes for rent. The method to find the listings is similar. The only different is that you have to change the menu from “Buy” to “Rent”. For your information, the homes that are available for rent in South Carolina are 4,392. Those include everything from single family homes, apartments, to condos. The price also can vary. The most expensive one is called costs $165,000 per month.

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